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Summer 2009 tintypes

Here are some wet plate collodion tintypes I made over the summer. They are actually wet plate collodion pictures on aluminum, not tin. The first three are old friends from Vienna. I went to high school with Jim here in Maine. But he’s been making his living in Austria as an actor and improvist for more than ten years. Nina, his long-time girlfriend, works at an avant guarde theatre in in Vienna where Jim often performs.

wet plate collodion
wet plate collodion


wet plate collodion

Jim and Nina

I bought the bottle in a junk shop and I picked the flowers on John Coffer’s farm in upstate New York. He’s a modern master and re-discoverer of the wet plate collodion process. He taught me how to do it on his off-the-grid farm a few years ago.

wet plate collodion

Queen Anne's Lace

This is an outtake from a publicity shoot I did for a University of Southern Maine Department of Theatre production. The director wanted photos that looked like vintage tintypes. Little did he know, he was talking to the right person.

wet plate collodion


22 Mar 2010

Chekhov tintype

Anton Chekhov's The Bear / The Proposal

I learned how to make wet plate collodion pictures from a modern master, John Coffer, on his farm in Dundee, New York where he has neither running water nor electricity. John is a true American original and one of the pioneers of the “back to collodion” movement. I made this picture because the director wanted pictures that looked like tintypes to go with the production of two 19th century one-act plays by Anton Chekhov. I said I could do him one better. I could make actual tintypes.

3 Jan 2010