Trans-Lab Highway Adventure 2018 Part Six: Blanc Sablon to Portland

L’Anse-au-Clair to Rocky Harbour -- 148 miles June 6, 2018 -- The ferry was called the MV Apollo and it had [...]

Trans-Lab Highway Adventure 2018 Part Five: Happy Valley-Goose Bay to Blanc Sablon

Happy Valley-Goose Bay to Port Hope Simpson - 252 miles June 4, 2018 -- Before we left Happy Valley-Goose Bay [...]

Trans-Lab Adventure 2018 Part Four: Happy Valley-Goose Bay to the Hobo Chateaux

Happy Valley-Goose Bay to the Hobo Chateaux - 109 miles June 2, 2018 -- The next day started out cold and [...]

Trans-Lab Adventure 2018 Part Two: Relais Gabriel to the Raft River

Relais Gabriel to Labrador City - 173 Miles May 29, 2018 -- The next day dawned clear and cold. The sky was a [...]

Trans-Lab Adventure 2018 Part One: Portland to Relais Gabriel

Trans-Lab Adventure 2018 It was dark. The night wind howled, twisting the snow into whirling spirals around our [...]

The ‘original extreme sport on two wheels’ spins back to Maine after two decades away

After a 20-year absence, flat track motorcycle racing roared back into Maine on Saturday around a dirt track in [...]

Wet plate collodion eats

This ongoing series of images started out as an excuse to hand color some images. The wet plate collodion process is a [...]