Operation Asbestos Beer

Objective: Drink Asbestos beer Portland to Eustis, to Asbestos, to Montpelier Mileage: 713 Bike: 2007 Kawasaki [...]

I Am Not Afraid (a song for Chris Cousins)

Chris Cousins

Feel free to download this song. Just click the downward arrow in the upper right hand corner of the player above. [...]

How ska legends The Toasters came to Maine and turned me into a believer

Legendary ska masters The Toasters at the Hoods Car Club Riot.

I've known about ska music for decades but I didn't start believing in it until yesterday. That's when I saw [...]

Wet plate collodion eats

This ongoing series of images started out as an excuse to hand color some images. The wet plate collodion process is a [...]

Woman in the Woods

Woman in the Woods is a series of pictures I made over the course of a few summers in Maine. The model and I [...]

Photojournalism archive gallery two

Photojournalism is the mystical art of telling stories with pictures. It started with cave paintings and it’s evolved [...]

Tattoos are healing what cancer took away

Top: New tattoos on Andrea Caron’s surgically reconstructed breasts are echoed on the wall at 13 Moons Tattoo Studio in Portland. Bottom: Artist Mary Schmaling-Kearns tattoos over a free-handed henna design from earlier in the week. (Photos by Troy R. Bennett)

Cancer ransacked Andrea Caron’s body just before her 35th birthday. It stole her breasts and both ovaries and it [...]

Photojournalism archive gallery one

Photojournalism is the mystical art of telling stories with pictures. It started with cave paintings and it’s evolved [...]

Brad Terry is still improvising at 78

Maine jazz great Brad Terry, 77, listens to 25-year-old guitarist Peter Herman as they play a concert in Brunswick. He describes Herman as “a phenomenon,” one of six players in his long career with whom he’s had “this locked-in communication.” (Photo by Troy R. Bennett)

From jazz to daily things, improvisation is where Terry is comfortable. But nearing his 78th birthday, the [...]

Motorcycle camping on a frozen lake in Maine

Stars shine in the eastern sky on Friday night in Limington above the ice on Horne Pond. I pitched my tent and stayed the night. (Photo by Troy R. Bennett)

With my tent pegs finally pounded into the ice with help from the blunt end of a borrowed hatchet, I sighed [...]

Lexi Go Go paints the air with fire and light

Alexis Powers (Photo baby Troy R. Bennett)

Barefoot on the bricks of Monument Square, Alexis Powers whirled in a blur of crimson flames and pounding drums [...]

40th Annual East Benton Fiddlers Convention

Max Silverstein, 15, of Bangor plays onstage with his father Jeff at the East Benton Fiddlers Convention July 29, 2012. (By Troy R. Bennett)

Orange wooden markers, shaped like fiddles, tacked to trees and telephone poles marked the trail from Fairfield to the [...]