Stars shine in the eastern sky on Friday night in Limington above the ice on Horne Pond. I pitched my tent and stayed the night. (Photo by Troy R. Bennett)

Motorcycle camping on a frozen lake in Maine

July, 22 2017

With my tent pegs finally pounded into the ice with help from the blunt end of a borrowed hatchet, I sighed and looked up. In the east, night’s deep blue was descending above frozen Horne Pond in Limington. Over in the west, Mars and Venus were shining through the sunset’s trailing glow. Below the planets, ice fishermen huddled around a fire. Soon, they’d stretch out on [...]

Alexis Powers (Photo baby Troy R. Bennett)

Lexi Go Go paints the air with fire and light

July, 22 2017

Barefoot on the bricks of Monument Square, Alexis Powers whirled in a blur of crimson flames and pounding drums while the evening deepened from purple to blue. The assembled July First Friday Art Walk crowd watched in a respectful circle as Powers spun a pair fiery hoops around her arms, hips, shoulders and legs. She threw one in the air, caught it, and swung it around her own neck, [...]

Max Silverstein, 15, of Bangor plays onstage with his father Jeff at the East Benton Fiddlers Convention July 29, 2012. (By Troy R. Bennett)

40th Annual East Benton Fiddlers Convention

July, 22 2017

Orange wooden markers, shaped like fiddles, tacked to trees and telephone poles marked the trail from Fairfield to the 40th annual East Benton Fiddlers Convention Sunday on the Littlefield family farm. Some folks camped in the old pasture the night before, others trickled through the morning. About an hour past noon, the festivities kicked off on the wooden stage at the bottom of the [...]