Finding friends, fun and fabulous fall foliage in Maine

Despite the huge gulf between our political, social and economic beliefs, I call all these people friends. A love of motorcycles and camping bridges all our differences. We manage to get together at least once a year to ride, eat, smoke and argue around a campfire before shaking hands and heading home.

To everyone who made it this year, cheers. To those that didn’t, I hope to see you next year. Or maybe we’ll get together in the spring. Who knows what the new year will bring.

Western Maine was bursting with color over the long, Indigenous Peoples Day weekend. (Photo by Troy R. Bennett)
I met these dogs at Melby’s store in North Waterford, Maine. They’d treed this bear and a hunter shot it. They looked tired. The bear looked worse. (Photo by Troy R. Bennett)
The view just over the Hemlock Bridge in Fryeburg, Maine. (Photo by Troy R. Bennett)

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