I Am Not Afraid (a song for Chris Cousins)

Chris Cousins

Chris Cousins

Feel free to download this song. Just click the downward arrow in the upper right hand corner of the player above. If you do, please make a donation ($10?). If if you want a copy on CD, I can do that too. Just add a couple bucks to whatever you choose to donate for the shipping. Don’t forget to include your mailing address. All money will go to Chris’ family.

I wrote this song for Chris Cousins. I sang it at his memorial service. It’s based on all sorts of things I heard people say about him after his sudden passing. I knew him and loved him — and so did many others. One thing he used to say, when facing down a tough story, was, “I am not afraid.”

It was true, in more ways than one. He didn’t fear any difficult story. He didn’t shy away from asking tough questions. He also wasn’t afraid to say, “I love you man,” when saying goodbye. He was a big, brave softie who loved to tell stories.

I sang this song with Darren Fishell, Robert Long, Jackie Farwell, Jim McCarthy, Jake Bleiberg, Seth Koenig, Lindsay Putnam and Beth Brogan. We all worked with Chris at The Times Record and the Bangor Daily News.

Chris was a father, husband, journalist and our friend.

He was not afraid.

I am not afraid, oh no, I am not afraid
I am not afraid, oh no, I am not afraid

To my own heart I will be true, I am not afraid
To let you know how I love you, I am not afraid

To shine a light in the darkest space, I am not afraid
To speak a truth that can’t be erased, I am not afraid

To laugh and sing and kiss your face, I am not afraid,
To leave this world a better place, I am not afraid

Of all the fish that ever swam about, I am not afraid
No bass, no smelt, no togue, no trout, I am not afraid

Someday today will be the past, I am not afraid
I’ll hold you close and make it last, I am not afraid

Chris Cousins

Chris Cousins

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