The ‘original extreme sport on two wheels’ spins back to Maine after two decades away

After a 20-year absence, flat track motorcycle racing roared back into Maine on Saturday around a dirt track in [...]

52nd annual Kenduskeag Stream Canoe Race

Oriana Farnham goes into the water as her paddling partner, Frank D'Alessandro, hangs on at Six Mile Falls in Bangor [...]

Tattoos are healing what cancer took away

Top: New tattoos on Andrea Caron’s surgically reconstructed breasts are echoed on the wall at 13 Moons Tattoo Studio in Portland. Bottom: Artist Mary Schmaling-Kearns tattoos over a free-handed henna design from earlier in the week. (Photos by Troy R. Bennett)

Cancer ransacked Andrea Caron’s body just before her 35th birthday. It stole her breasts and both ovaries and it [...]

Finding friends, fun and fabulous fall foliage in Maine

Despite the huge gulf between our political, social and economic beliefs, I call all these people friends. A love [...]

Trans-Lab Highway Adventure 2018 Part Six: Blanc Sablon to Portland

L’Anse-au-Clair to Rocky Harbour -- 148 miles June 6, 2018 -- The ferry was called the MV Apollo and it had [...]

Trans-Lab Highway Adventure 2018 Part Five: Happy Valley-Goose Bay to Blanc Sablon

Happy Valley-Goose Bay to Port Hope Simpson - 252 miles June 4, 2018 -- Before we left Happy Valley-Goose Bay [...]

Trans-Lab Adventure 2018 Part Four: Happy Valley-Goose Bay to the Hobo Chateaux

Happy Valley-Goose Bay to the Hobo Chateaux - 109 miles June 2, 2018 -- The next day started out cold and [...]

Trans-Lab Adventure 2018 Part Three: The Raft River to Happy Valley-Goose Bay

The Raft River to Happy Valley-Goose Bay - 213 miles May 31, 2018 -- I woke to the sound of rain pattering on [...]

Spring paddle down the Saco River

An overnight canoe and kayak trip down Maine's Saco River: April 2019, from Fryeburg to Brownfield with Goose and [...]

Square pictures

This is an ongoing project. These are analog human beings shot with a spring-powered camera on black-and-white film. I [...]

The secret life of a Maine dentist

PORTLAND, Maine — Dr. Henry Pollard was a dentist. He was also a photographer who built himself a darkroom in the [...]

A new accordion and a new life in Maine

PORTLAND, Maine -- The old man opened the case and took out a big, red accordion. He put the straps over his shoulders. [...]

It’s always worth the trip

It's that time of year in Maine, again. The calendar reads October. Trees are revealing their hidden colors. Summer [...]

Midnight on the Water in Maine

A quick, overnight canoe paddle in Maine to do some stargazing, set to that old fiddle chestnut, Midnight on the [...]

Operation Asbestos Beer

Objective: Drink Asbestos beer Portland to Eustis, to Asbestos, to Montpelier Mileage: 713 Bike: 2007 Kawasaki [...]