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International Wet Plate Day

This Saturday is International Wet Plate Collodion Day. Tintypists and ambrotypists from all over the world (I’m one of them) will make pictures for a book on the anniversary of the death of the process’ inventor, Frederick Scott Archer, in 1857. I want to have an all-day tintype party at my studio in Portland. I need people who want to be in some pictures, and who wouldn’t mind maybe appearing in the book. This will be the second annual book. Last year ( I was published) and proceeds from the book sale went towards getting Mr. Archer a headstone, something he sorely lacked.

Contact me if you’re interested. Bring a friend! I want to make as many pictures as possible while the sun shines on May 1st.

If you want to learn more about the wet plate collodion process, look here:

26 Apr 2010

Introducing the Squid Jiggers

Dave Rowe and myself have been tearing up the folk music circuit in Southern Maine for over three weeks now. We are THE SQUID JIGGERS!


4 Apr 2010