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UMA Jazz on the road in Wiscasset

university maine augusta jazz at wiscasset high school

On assignment for The Times Record today, I photographed high school students jamming with, and listening to, a jazz ensemble from the University of Maine Augusta’s music program.

I made an audio slide show to go with this with my handy iPhone and Soundslides Plus. I highly recommend both. You can find the slide show on the MULTIMEDIA page.

15 Jan 2010

Fire on the highway.

On my way home from work on New Year’s Eve I got stuck behind a fender-bender on the highway in Yarmouth. By the time I got close to inching by it, the car unexpectedly caught on fire. Nobody was hurt, except the car. I called my friend Jeff Ham, an editor at the Portland Press Herald, to see if he could use the picture since we were south of The Times Record’s coverage area. It made it to their website. I’m not sure about the print edition.

3 Jan 2010

The King

You never know what you’ll find when you head out the door with some camera gear slung over your shoulder. Often, you see the same sorts of things when you head out without a camera, and then you just have a big fish story to tell, but no picture.

3 Jan 2010

Chekhov tintype

Anton Chekhov's The Bear / The Proposal

I learned how to make wet plate collodion pictures from a modern master, John Coffer, on his farm in Dundee, New York where he has neither running water nor electricity. John is a true American original and one of the pioneers of the “back to collodion” movement. I made this picture because the director wanted pictures that looked like tintypes to go with the production of two 19th century one-act plays by Anton Chekhov. I said I could do him one better. I could make actual tintypes.

3 Jan 2010

This is it: our new home on the internet.

While you’re here, ┬ácheck out the multimedia section of the site. It’s where I’m uploading sound/slideshow items that mostly were made for The Times Record. I haven’t been making many lately since the newspaper’s website got updated to a newfangled, super-duper, 21st century juggernaut that’s incapable of displaying slideshows. So much for progress.

I’ll upload my favorites of the past and, who knows, maybe I’ll get a commercial assignment to make one one of these days. Heck, I just might to one for fun.

2 Jan 2010